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Talent is thefoundation of a nation and the prosperity of business. Talent is the foundationof enterprise development and the first productivity to promote the leapforward development of enterprises. Evergrande agri-husbandry attaches greatimportance to team building, introduces talents through multiple channels,trains talents efficiently, promotes talents on a broad platform, and providesstrong guarantee for enterprises to remain invincible in the fiercecompetition.

In terms of theintroduction of talent, Evergrande agri-husbandry establish high standards andappropriate talent introduction mechanism, open campus recruitment, socialrecruitment, the introduction of overseas channels, recruit more capablepersonnel, extensive absorption of talent, Selecting talents with strictstandards.

In training,Evergrande agri-husbandry establish a comprehensive and systematic trainingsystem, companies take culture as the key, planning management as the core, Themost basic method of the company is to continuously improve the work ability ofthe staff in the actual work. With this method, we have trained a group ofexcellent employees who are working hard and forging ahead.

In the promotionof talent, Rely on multi factor and high speed development ,Evergrandeagri-husbandry provides a broad space for development and promotionopportunities for each person. The subjective initiative of employees has beengiven full play, and the intrinsic potential has been mined to the greatestextent, Therefore, the company has formed a good incentive atmosphere, What isworth mentioning is the cultivation and promotion of college recruit students,At present, 295 college students are enrolled, 39 people are promoted above themiddle level; 4 people from New Zealand and Australia, 2 leaders from thegroup, and 4 leaders in the industry company.