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Evergrande Cowala

In 2014,Evergrande Cowala Dairy was established to introduce New Zealand milk powderfrom original cans to the Chinese market, so as to ensure the quality andsafety of Chinese infant.

Cowala originsfrom one of the world's three largest gold ranch —— New Zealand, which ownssuper gold OPOBABY series, Cowala close harmony series, gold ORGABABY series,kisses farce series and many other products and set up a complete product line.Since the introduction of the new policy of milk powder, the Everygrande DiaryGroup has actively responded and gradually adjusted. The "lanjia"series has successfully passed the formula registration. At the same time, weadhere to the production of milk powder by New Zealand pharmaceutical gradestandard and cooperate with domestic and foreign authoritative food safetyinspection institutions to create a first-class quality safety managementsystem for dairy products.

Everygrande DiaryGroup has established a firm partnership with nearly 350 outstanding dealers inthe whole country, and has built nearly 12,000 sales stores nationwide, and hasentered more than 80,000 families in China since its launch.