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EvergrandeGrain & Oil Group set up in August 2014. Evergrande Kingan grain and oilroots in the Great Kingan Mountains which is one of the only remaining blacksoil areas in the world. Everygrande Kingan integrates global advantaged grainand oil resources and brings healthy, green and organic assured grain and oilto the consumers.

Evergrande grain& oil products includes Evergrande organic green rice and oil, Evergrandeorganic cereal rice, Evergrande green soybean oil, Evergrande green rice,Evergrande organic rice and so on. The Evergrande grain & oil also holds extravirgin olive oil imported from Spain, Ukraine sunflower oil, Thai jasmine rice‘golden lotus’ and other products, and won the ‘2015 Chinese Food Seven Stars HealthAward’ and other remarkable awards.