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 EvergrandeMineral Water Group set up officially in September 2013. The product Evergrande Spring, whose water source lies in Changbai Mountain,originates from natural deep volcanic rock mineral spring in virgin forestof Changbai Mountain, and insist that ‘one origin for the wholecountry’. On December 26, 2014, Evergrande Spring held launching ceremony ofone code for one bottle. Series products now: 350ml, 500ml, 1.25L, 4L andMetasilicate mineral high-end quality.

Evergrande Springmineral water comes from Changbai Mountain and its pH value rangesfrom 7.25 to 7.80, which is near to the value of circulation within humanbody, being helpful for maintaining normal osmotic pressure and acid-basebalance. The water temperature stays at about 7℃ all the year round; component andcontent of minerals as Metasilicate, are relatively stable, and it contains anumber of macro and trace elements. Its water quality is pure and mouthfeel ismoderate and comfortable.