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November 9

Evergrande Spring’s first show on the Evergrande’s Asian Football Confederation Celebration became an overnight sensation.

October 29

Evergrande ChangBai Mountain Mineral Water Co. Ltd. has been registered.

October 25

Evergrande Spring JingYu production base formally established.

September 28

Evergrande Spring Mineral Water Co. formally set up.


December 20

Evergrande Grain & Oil Group’s initial products left the factory formally.

October 27

Evergrande New Zealand Cowala gold infant formula’s launch ceremony has been successfully held. At the lunch event, Evergrande Football star Elkeson and Zeng Cheng were hired as the ambassadors for the promotion of Evergrande New Zealand Cowala milk powder.

October 26

Evergrande New Zealand Cowala milk powder appeared CSL field.

August 28

Evergrande grain & oil products, including Evergrande green colza oil, Evergrande green soybean oil, Evergrande organic soybean oil, Evergrande green rice, Evergrande organic rice, Evergrande organic cereal rice, have been launched in Guangzhou. Zheng Zhi and Gao Lin were honored with the ambassadors for the promotion of Evergrande Grain & Oil.

August 27

Evergrande Grain & oil appeared on the AFC in the quarter-finals of the 2014 AFC.

June 25

Evergrande Spring’s first sailing and transport in European and Asian’s celebration was held in Shanghai and Jilin, which was the beginning of Evergrande Spring’s global export.


December 15

The fourteenth meeting of the heads of state of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (Prime Minister) was held in Zhengzhou, and Evergrande spring became the conference and reception water.

November 21

Evergrande Spring launched the "Blue Book on Public Health Drinking Water" in Guangzhou. The company launched a sample survey of 1 million "Chinese public healthy drinking water" and issued the first authoritative survey of "Chinese public health drinking water awareness" completed using new media report.

September 15

Evergrande Agri-husbandry Group established formally, which covers three business sectors:  Evergrande mineral water (Evergrande spring), Evergrande grain and oil (Evergrande Kingan) and Evergrande dairy (Evergrande Cowala).

September 9

Evergrande Spring held the News Press to announce that new national retail price of 500ml products would be adjusted from the previous 4 yuan to 2.5 yuan.

October 15

The sixth China Food Safety High-level Dialogue was held in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. Evergrande Agri-husbandry Group won the ‘Gold Chopsticks Award’ ---- the food enterprises benchmarking award for 2015. And Evergrande Grain & Oil won ‘2015 China food seven stars health prize’.

August 12

After the explosion accident of Tianjin Binhai New Area, Evergrande Spring Tianjin Branch has successively exploded for the wounded, firefighters donated 3000 boxes of Evergrande Ice Springs in the first time.

June 28

Evergrande Spring entered the forefront of China's Top 500 Most Valuable Brands, with a brand value of 9.982 billion yuan.

May 23

"Evergrande Spring Cup" National Undergraduate Futsal Challenge opening ceremony held at South China University of Technology. The tournament is guided by the government, business promotion, school linkage, open a new model of campus football promotion.


Evergrande Spring sponsors the Chinese National Volleyball Team to become its official partner for water and help it to compete in all major events of the world in 2015-2016.

March 16
Evergrande Spring Group Was rated as "the quality and integrity of service outstanding enterprises" by China Association for Quality Inspectionhe.
March 22

Evergrande Spring held " World Water Day A bottle of a yard," a large-scale science popularization activities to start the ceremony, make every drop Evergrande spring "100% from Changbai Mountain, 100% true mineral spring, 100% health traceability" quality promises; comprehensive Promote the " A bottle of a yard Quality Guarantee System" and continue to lead the innovation in the drinking water industry.


Evergrande spring 4L product launch.


December 20

The same day, Evergrande Spring Natural Mineral Water Research Institute" inaugurated. This is the first drinking water industry professional institutions, colleges and enterprises to create a natural drinking water research platform.

December 11
2016 CCTV Financial Forum "China Brand Upgrade" Summit was held in Beijing. Representatives of Evergrande agri-husbandry were invited to attend. On behalf of Evergrande Spring, a speech was made on the basis of quality, standards and brands to talk about the promotion and upgrading of Chinese brands.
December 8

Evergrande Spring in 3 • 22 World Water Day together "yidianzixun" to create a hot thing Marketing case "drink 8 glasses of water a day is true? ", And was awarded the Gold Contacts 2016 Top Gold Award.

October 25

Evergrande Agri-husbandry Group integrated covers Evergrande mineral water company, Evergrande grain and oil company, Evergrande dairy company, sales company and import and export company. Besides mineral water, grain and oil, and dairy, it increased fresh food husbandary sector as well. It derivative eight major product lines: Evergrande Spring, Evergrande Kingan grain & oil, Evergrande Cowala Dairy, PRM beef and lamb, WUSHAN Phoenix TAIHE back-bone chicken, New Zealand high quality fresh food and Philippine fruit, etc.

September 3

Evergrande Spring Open "Champion Quality • Dragon source"  Changbai Mountain Traceability Health Tour. Hundred dealers delegation to participate in the health traceability activities to witness the ecological charm of the world's gold water sources, feel the high-quality natural mineral water in Changbai Mountain high-end quality.

August 12

Evergrande spring released price announcement through the official platform, All products implement new national retail price from now on, The main products 500ml price for 2 yuan / bottle. 350ml, 1.25L, 4L, the national retail price of products were also adjusted to 2 yuan, 4 yuan and 10 yuan.

March 22

Evergrande spring jointly with China National Health Association Health Drinking Water Professional Committee, Kaidi network and other agencies officially released the "Blue Book on Public Health Drinking Water" to reveal the four truths of Chinese public drinking water. The report shows science, public welfare and topic, the industry, markets, businesses have a very strong reference value.


November 2

State Food andDrug Administration announced the latest batch of recipe registration list,Evergrande Cowala 's "LAN Jia" (formerly super gold) series glorylist.

October 14

"Take a step  A drop of water" Evergrande Spring charity donation ceremony hold in Qinghai Province Jigzhi County Township Hall Nianbaoyuze primary school, The event brought 24000 bottles of water to the school.

September 21

Evergrande Agri-husbandry Group held the annual summary and commendation congress in Shenzhen. The mineral water, grain and oil, dairy and fresh food ——these four big industrial sectors’ development has been carried on the summary. And it awarded the departments and companies got good results. In the year since its relocation of Shenzhen, Evergrande Agri-husbandry Group has carried out practical operation, optimized management, reduced the efficiency of the capital, innovated marketing and moderately expanded, and realized the whole industry chain layout, and stepped into the track of healthy development.

September 10

Sponsored by theEvergrande Spring named, UNESCO Association of Hongkong organized the "Runfor peace 2017 “charity marathon start running in Hongkong Xi gong, More than onethousand world peace lovers, together with Hongkong entertainers Alex Fong,Alex Lamand Ansheles, deliver love and peace in the name of running! At the same time,Evergrande Spring  H2SiO3meet the world for the first time.

September 6

Evergrande SpringChangbai Mountain health traceability charity travel set off again,traceability team into the natural scenic area of Changbai Mountain and EvergrandeSpring Antu factory, to explore the Evergrande Spring natural mineral waterbehind the high-end secret. Unlike in previous years, Evergrande Spring and theChinese Children Charity Foundation jointly launched the "Step by StepWater" public welfare program to replace the number of steps for thetracing team with a love mineral water and donate it to schools in the westwith severe water shortage.

September 5

2017the best Cantonese cuisine cooking of world competition held in Hongkong, The competition attracted 40 chefs from all over the world. Evergrande Spring as a witness of cooking wate refuel for competitions, Reflects the health of high-end water quality.

August 17

Suihua Qingan Green Organic Rice Cultural Festival opened in Qingan county stadium. Evergrande Agri-husbandry with mineral water, grain and oil, dairy and animal husbandry together showed. It showed the whole green organic industry chain and expressed concept of diet of ‘natural quality and healthy life’ to the attended audiences and consumers.

July 15

The first promotion match of 2017 China Central Television "Xingguang Avenue" Shenzhen regional trial by Evergrande Spring was held at the Grand Theater. Evergrande Spring full sponsorship of the "Avenue of Stars" Shenzhen Division trials, cheer for local art lovers in Shenzhen, rich amateur cultural life in Shenzhen.

July 1

2017 Evergrande Spring’s ‘one bottle one yard’ began from July 1st. Consumers can earn a good gift by scanning the QR code in the bottle cap of Evergrande Spring. It is understood that Evergrande Spring has prepared 888 ipad tablets, 1888 Huawei tablets, and 150 million C-trip coupons (including ‘Changbai Mountain traceability tour’ award) with a winning rate of up to 50%.

June 28

Evergrande Spring’s third water factory Chinan factory’s foundation ceremony has been held in Changbai Mountain. It would plan as a flagship factory with advanced functions, high efficiency and energy saving and beautiful layouts.

June 28

Evergrande Agri-husbandry Group and Shenzhen International holdings co. ltd.’s strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held in Shenzhen. It reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement and will give full play to their respective advantages to achieve resource sharing and mutual benefit, contributing Shenzhen power to upgrade China's agricultural logistics and food.

June 18

The 11th IOE was held in Canton fair exhibition hall in Guangzhou. The event hold the high quality product selection and the awards ceremony. Evergrande Grain & Oil Group—— Evergrande Kingan brand won the ‘The most trusted brand in consumers’ award, while Evergrande green rapeseed oil honored the ‘Green healthy fats gold prize’, which appealed the extensive concern in the industry.

June 15

Evergrande Spring was invited by UNESCO to attend the 31st Hong Kong International Tourism Fair. The leaders of Evergrande Spring published a keynote speech entitled "Healthy Tour of Changbai Mountain" at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center and announced that " Bottle a code "sweep code winning campaign started.

March 25

Evergrande Agri-husbandry Group jointly Zhou Da Fu in Qianhai organized New Zealand's import golden quality steak’ tasting fair, which received a warm market response.

March 15

The ‘China-Philippines corporate trade meeting and signing ceremony’ hosted by the ministry of commerce of China and the department of trade and industry in Philippine was successfully held in Manila. The leaders of Evergrande Agri-husbandry Group were invited to attend the fair. Many Philippine tropical fruit procurement and cooperation agreement have been signed. It means that Evergrande Agri-husbandry Group officially went into the fresh fruit trade industry.

May 10

The Evergrande Spring was shortlisted on the first batch of ‘CCTV China brand list’.

March 1

CCTV financial channel (CCTV - 2) broadcast on ‘consumer upgrades, green farming’ special report. Evergrande Agri-husbandry Group’s JiangXi Taihe chicken industry was a successful typical cases which have been reported. The Wushan Phoenix TaiHe black-bone chicken is appeal to the government's supply-side reform and meets the needs of upgrading green health consumption and achieves remarkable results.

February 20

‘New International Food Safety Seminar’ was held in Auckland, New Zealand. Evergrande Agri-husbandry Group and Yashili International Group co., LTD. has jointly sponsored the event. Evergrande Dairy Group delivered the keynote speech of ‘People's livelihood for the industry and make contributions to country’.

February 18

The 5th "Peace Ambassador Cultural Festival" hosted by Hong Kong UNESCO kicked off in Hong Kong Science Park while celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Evergrande Spring in the high-end natural mineral water-"metasilicate live mineral water" as the designated water for the event the world's first public appearance.

January 15

Evergrande Agri-husbandry Group officially moved from Guangzhou to Shenzhen Futian District. It held the housewarming ceremony in the headquarter in Shenzhen. This is one of the most significant strategies of Evergrande Agri-husbandry Group in 2017 and marks the group is about to open a new journey.